Superimposed and antecedent drainage patterns

Antecedent drainage patterns Superimposed drainage patterns

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River capture (stream piracy)

River capture (stream piracy) Captor stream, captured stream, misfit stream, elbow of capture, wind gap

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River grading

River grading  Rejuvenation of rivers Rejuvenate means to become young again. A rejuvenated river is a river that has become young again by increasing it’s ability to erode. Reasons for river rejuvenation: A fall in the sea level, giving the

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Identification and description of fluvial landforms

Identification and description of fluvial landforms Meanders    Oxbow lakes Braided streams   Floodplain Natural leveé Waterfall Rapids  Delta      

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River profiles

River profiles Transverse profile Longitudinal profile    

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Discharge of a river

Discharge of a river The discharge of a river is the volume of water which flows through it in a given time. It is usually measured in cubic meters per second. The volume of the discharge will be determined by

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Drainage density and Stream Order

Ideally, you should use topographic maps to identify stream order and density Drainage density   Stream Order  

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Drainage patterns

Drainage patterns Dendritic     Trellis Rectangular Deranged Parallel Radial   Centripetal    

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Types of rivers

Types of rivers Permanent Rivers Permanent Rivers have water all year round. Periodic Rivers Rivers that run dry on occasion, usually located in arid climates where evaporation is greater than precipitation. Episodic Rivers Rarely occurring rivers formed from run-off channels in very

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Important concepts

Important concepts Drainage basin Catchment area A area drained by a river and all its tributaries.   Watershed An area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins, or seas. River system A river system is

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