Tropical Depression off Madagascar developing in to a Tropical Cyclone – January 2013

The following synoptic charts show a Tropical Depressions off the east coast of Madagascar. These Tropical Depressions can develop in to Tropical Cyclones. This tropical depression has now developed in to a moderate tropical storm. In the satellite image below you can see formation of

Coastal Lows

The following synoptic charts are of Coastal Lows in different positions on the coast of South Africa. Coastal lows are a dominant weather feature along the South African coast. Coastal lows migrate along the South African Coastline from West to

Summer Lows

 Low Pressure over South Africa South Africa is situated in a High Pressure belt due to descending air from the Hadley Cell (see image below). In summer, prolonged heating of the earth’s surface in South Africa results in rising air and a

SA Summer Synoptic Chart – 1

How can we see from this Synoptic Chart that it is summer in South Africa? The South Atlantic High Pressure and South Indian High Pressure are far south The Mid-latitude Cyclones are far south and will miss South Africa There is a

Synoptic Chart Examples

Please feel free to contribute to examples, or add to and edit existing examples. The more examples we have the more our students benefit.


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