Solutions for all Geography Grade 11 Learner’s Book

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The Solutions for all Geography Learner’s Book has been developed to support the content (knowledge, concepts and skills) contained in the new Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) for Geography.

The Solutions for all Geography Learner’s Book has been organised to support teaching and learning in the geography classroom by offering content in a variety of ways that is accessible to learners. In each topic learners will:

• Establish what they already know about a topic
• Learn new facts about a topic
• Practise using the new knowledge, concepts and skills they have acquired
• Integrate geographical skills and techniques in a meaningful way.
In addition, learners are provided with:
• A handy reference section covering the theoretical background and step-by-step explanations for geographical skills and techniques that are integrated into the work for each term
• Additional homework activities
• Extra practice activities that cater for both remediation and enrichment• Interesting case studies and articles
• A summary of each topic.

The Solutions for all Geography Learner’s Book is supported by the Solutions for all Geography Teacher’s Guide. This course provides everything the teacher and learners need to master Geography in Grade 11: a complete solution for the classroom.